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Tarp ClipsEasyKlip® helps meet that deadline...

If you need to stretch, secure or hang differenttypes of fabrics, there’s help at hand. No more improvising with bits of timber or 'make do' fixings – The EasyKlip® instant, reusable and relocatable eyelet clip will help you meet that deadline.

EasyKlip® clips make an amazing instant fixing point in seconds – each clip will hold up to 220 lbs.

Imagine being able to apply multiple fixing points onto cycloramas or backdrops (without puncturing the fabric) in a matter of minutes without tools or special skills. Just clip on a EasyKlip® and you have a massively strong fixing point in seconds – and if it’s not in quite the right place, just push the release bar and relocate it!

EasyKlip® is ideal on virtually all fabrics, including synthetics, velors, muslins and scrim.

  • Backdrops!
  • Cycloramas!
  • Temporary projection screens!
  • Banners!
  • Temporary curtains!

The heavier the load - the greater the grip!

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