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Tarp ClipsEasyKlip® - The Ultimate Fastener!

For mariners there's either too much wind or not enough and when the wind blows it certainly seems to find all those weaknesses in covers and canvass fittings. Even when the boat is laid up the wind takes its toll, buffeting those winter tarps we've put on to keep out the elements.

EasyKlip™ instant clip-on eyelets & tarp clips will help solve many of these problems – with their massive gripping capacity and neat appearance you can construct, repair and customise fabric fitments, economically with ease and confidence.

  • Reinforce / repair / make awning
  • Replace broken eyelets / grommets with tarp clips
  • Make temporary / permanent cockpit covers
  • Customise winter covers / tarps
  • Construct spray dodgers

The heavier the load - the greater the grip!

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Tarp Clips
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