Tarp ClipsEasyKlip® - The Ultimate Camping Fastener!

When weather conditions are bad, replacing broken eyelets the traditional way is almost impossible. With EasyKlip® you’re absolutely sure that the problem can be solved quickly and efficiently.

'Crumpled' matting and ground sheets are not only annoying, they're also dangerous! Again, EasyKlip® solves the problem in seconds. EasyKlip® give you confidence to customise, repair and innovate on a multitude of 'fixing' applications - efficiently and without tools.

All outdoor adventurers should carry a pack of EasyKlips®

  • Secure matting
  • Extra guy points
  • Replace broken eyelets
  • Add internal hanging points
  • Customise bivi and tarp covers
  • Reinforce awnings
  • Make emergency shelters

The heavier the load - the greater the grip!

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Tarp Clips
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